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Keys get lost, break and often become the bane of our existence. Having contact details for a locksmith handy when these annoying circumstances befall you can make your life a little easier.

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The following steps will help you locate a local locksmith who will be able to deal with any situation you find yourself in, whenever you need them most:

1. Look Locally

Search for ads in the classified section of your newspaper or in marketing flyers that are spread throughout your neighborhood. The locksmiths that advertise their service in these types of media elements are more likely to be near you.

Alternatively, look in the yellow pages for local locksmiths, for example: locksmiths near Gilroy CA. Be aware that many adverts or listings posted in the yellow pages may be from outer or surrounding areas to where you are located. So make sure that you only consider those that have a street address that you recognize.

2. Go Online

The internet is the best place to find some different service providers, including locksmiths, near you. You need to be very particular about the search criteria you enter before choosing a locksmith who proclaims to service your residential area.

Enter your suburb name or town name with the type of locksmith you are looking for to provide you with better results. Remember that not all reputable locksmiths in your area have a website address that will be returned on the results page. If you are a resident of Gilroy, California then you must type in a search query like locksmith gilroy ca or best locksmiths along with the city name.

Follow up your research result with a phone call to the different service providers in your area. This will ensure that they are still in operation and that they do in fact provide quick and efficient locksmith service to your specified location.

3. Services

When looking for a locksmith in your area, make sure that they can provide some services. The most valuable service that they can offer is in emergency situations. They should be able to address your problem quickly and resolve it efficiently.

They should have the necessary skills to open doors to buildings such as your home and office as well as to your car. Make sure that the locksmith you choose as your emergency contact can deal with the security and locks on your make and model of car as well as your home security system.

Also, they should be able to provide you with a quick key cutting service to replace lost, broken or damaged keys. Your locksmith should also be able to replace the locks in your home if necessary. If your home or office security has been compromised for any reason whatsoever, it is best to get the locks changed as soon as possible.

4. A Comprehensive Service

For a truly comprehensive experience from your locksmith, find out if they can come to your home or office and evaluate your existing security measures. Door locks are still the foremost barrier to unwanted intruders gaining access to your property.

They may advise that you upgrade your locks or install additional security measures such as double lock security gates to deter further criminal behavior. Expert locksmiths may also have some expertise that could assist you in upgrading your existing security system.

5. Insurance

In emergency situations, your car or household insurance should cover the costs of an emergency locksmith. However, some insurance companies will only approve claims for locksmiths that are contracted to them. Call your insurance company and find out whether they will pay for emergency services from your local preferred provider. If not, ask them for a list of providers in your area that they will pay for.

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Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or house? If yes then you know how much it is a hustle getting a locksmith. In such a situation, the very first thought is to get someone who can help you out of your problem, either call a family member or friend with your spare keys. If none of the above can be in a position to deliver the keys or generally no one has your spare key, the only left solution is calling a locksmith. At such a desperate situation many people tend to make mistakes of getting any person they land first from their phones calling themselves a locksmith. One thing you should learn is that you need to be very careful and never trust anyone just because you are in trouble and want to get in your house or car immediately.

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Some of these people advertising themselves on the internet as locksmiths are frauds hence the call of being extra careful. Some do not have the professional qualifications required by authorities while other take advantage of the situation and may end up overcharging you. In some situations, a locksmith can be in the real sense miles away from your local area, but they use a name very similar to your local town. They go ahead and advertise themselves in the phone-book using a local telephone number and a local address. Once you call them in time of need, you are connected to a call center in a different town. What they do is quote prices on phone and arrive at your place of need with a car, and in most cases an unmarked car. Such a fraud locksmith will end up asking you for more cash and in most cases will accept cash money only. Others who claim to be local locksmith have so many listings probably more than thirty under the same phone book. What happens is, all calls to these different listings are directed to a central number where the operator probably miles away dispatch operators to different callers.

The above are the common tricks used by fraud locksmiths who lack the experience and not licensed to operate such businesses. This calls for all of us to be extra careful before selecting and trusting a local locksmith in your house. Below are some tips shared by the experts at Locksmith Gilroy (a reputed locksmith company in Gilroy, CA) that will aid you in picking a trustworthy local  locksmith. To stay updated with such useful tips and advice, you can check out the Locksmith Gilroy Twitter and Pinterest page.

1. Research on locksmiths. In cases where you need security works done in your home or place of work, you need to carry out a serious research on locksmiths, just the way you do before choosing a plumber or electrician. A research will help you get a number of locksmiths to compare and choose from and mostly no mistakes will be made .This however is only possible if you have a lot of time, not in cases of emergency.

2. Get recommendations and referrals. People you know might have gone through the same situation as you are undergoing at the moment. It is very important to call them at this time and get referrals. Maybe they kept the contacts of a locksmith who did a super good job for them. Such information can be obtained from family, friends, neighbors or even workmates.

3. Confirm that the address you get online belongs to the locksmith. Some of the addresses given on the internet, on phonebooks or via directory services do not actually belong to the locksmith. They list street addresses to give an impression that they are within while the truth is they are miles away. Address verification can be done using websites that allow you to match phone numbers with street addresses. If you call a locksmith without an address request to know why they do not have one. Some are mobile hence do not see the need of listing addresses which is quite understandable.

4. Get options. Do not settle for the first locksmith you call. It is good to list a number of them, their business names, phone numbers, addresses and price quotes. From the list you will be able to select the one you feel comfortable with.

5. If after making the call, the person on the other end, answers with a general statement “locksmith services” you need to be careful. A genuine locksmith company should answer using the company name. In such a situation, demand to know the company’s name, if they fail to give one then call another company.

6. Before work begins, get an estimate of the amount to be charged and materials to be used. In most cases of lockouts, they can quote the price on phone. Do not have work done without knowing the exact amount you are being charged. This is to avoid being overcharged.

7. Find out if the locksmith is insured. This is important in case of damages or injuries during the operation. If the locksmith is insured, such costs will be covered.

8. Upon arrival, ask the locksmith for identification. He or she should produce documents like a business card or a license. Another way of proving identity is checking if the invoice given matches the company name given and also if the name on the vehicle matches that of the company.

9. In case of lockouts, be careful if the locksmith tells you the lock has to be drilled out and replaced. All experienced and genuine locksmiths should have equipment’s and knowledge to unlock almost all locks. This might be a trick to charge you more, so need be careful.

10. Some locksmiths rush to place of emergency with personal cars and get work done. But in most cases, they should arrive in accompany vehicle, clearly marked with the company’s name. This is prove of a legitimate and trustworthy locksmith. They do not have anything to hide.

11. Once the work is completely done, the locksmith should give you an invoice covering materials used, labor charges, mileage and the overall price of the service offered.

The above should be followed whether your job is one time or you need the locksmith for continuous period of time. You must be in a position to trust your locksmith. You should not give access to your house, car or office locks just to anyone.

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Residential security systems not only help protect home appliances against theft but also enhance a peaceful dwelling and security of the people at home. Since there are many companies that provide home security systems, homeowners may find it challenging to settle for the best providers of the services.

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Important features to consider before choosing a residential security system:

Constant power supply: The system should provide adequate power and have emergency power batteries and backup options in case of any power failure .

Constant monitoring: The system should be able to monitor the residence at all times and enable a direct link with the service provider’s point of control.

Wireless communication: A good residential security system has a wireless communication in which data is transmitted even through a cellular device.

High sensitivity and detection: Since threats to security are dynamic and often take different forms, the system should detect any threat within the home. This includes the threats resulting from carbon monoxide leakage, fire, floods, freezing, broken glasses, motion, lighting, temperature and unlawful entry through the door or windows.

Control options: Home security systems should cater for the needs of all home users and enable essential control such as monitoring of energy consumption, operation by the elderly and the disabled.

Top security systems for use at home:

Frontpoint security system

The company offers reliable, wireless, home security system. The system alerts the home owner through a call, a text or electronic mail when the alarm is triggered.

Features of the system:

  • Advanced technology procedures such as mobile apps, video live streaming, visitors’ tracking and customization according to the user.
  • Safety features such as reliable cellular network communication, all-round monitoring 24 hours a day, and throughout the week, backup batteries in case of loss of power, and devices protected against any interference.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The system has three basic packages with monthly subscriptions ranging from $35.00-$50.00.


Protect America

Protect America also has a wireless home security system which is capable of being customized to suit the user’s needs.

Features of the system:

  • Various security capabilities including motion sensors, video live streaming, panic buttons, intrusion through the doors and windows, and sensors of any glass breakage.
  • Life safety features such as medical gadgets for the elderly and the disabled, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors.
  • Home automation and mobile app systems such as door unlocking using a Smartphone, freezing sensors, and home sirens.
  • Free installation services.
  • Two weeks return period if one is not satisfied with the system.
  • The Choice of five different security packages with monthly charges ranging between $ 19.99 – $42.99.


Vivint Security System

Vivint offers home security services, energy management, and home security automation services. The system is widely used in New Zealand and North America.

Features of the system:

  • They provide solar panels which harness solar energy and convert the energy into electricity for use at home.
  • Highly advanced security equipment such as motion sensors, windows and door protectors, mobile app devices, and touch screen control panels.
  • Complete monitoring of the home throughout the week.
  • The system has three basic packages with monthly payments ranging from $ 49.99 – $68.99.


ADT Security services

With over 100 years of the provision of home security services, the company offers complete monitoring and security solutions to residents all round the year. They also have a swift response to security emergency.

Features of the system:

  • Power backup batteries that provide ready power in the event of a power surge.
  • Home security features that are sensitive to temperature, carbon monoxide, theft, flood, fire, and smoke.
  • Home security automation by use of mobile phones and computers.
  • Medical alert facilities for the disabled and the elderly.
  • A $500 refund on insurance providers if any burglary occurs while the home is under the monitoring of the company.
  • Security options ranging from $ 35.99 a month.


Residential security services are very vital and should be incorporated within the residence. Many companies offer such services, but clients should choose what best suits their security needs. A comfortable home largely depends on the level of security.

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A lot of burglars will try all means to tamper with the door locks as the major point of entry into the houses in place of, for example, kicking the door open with instinctive force. At the end of the day, no burglar would want to harm himself while trying to force entry into a secured home when options like less secured ones are there.


Intrinsically, homeowners are prudent to look for the most appropriate locks that they can afford to get. These excellent locks ought to be then installed by an expert residential locksmith for the purposes of maximum efficiency as the primary prevention against unwelcome intruders.

Following are some of the things to consider when buying an excellent and theft-resistant locks for your home:

Multiple Tumblers on Deadbolts

Deadbolts also needs keys to open. Nonetheless some deadbolts are a bit harder to open due to its number of furrows in the key with each furrow representing a tumbler or pin. The overall rule is that the larger the number of tumblers, the harder it will get for a burglar to make a copy or bypass the lock and, henceforth, open the deadbolt.

Security professionals recommend that the deadbolts having seven or more tumblers because the time spent on bypassing or picking the tumblers can go on for a longer period of time than the required period for conventional locks. Nonetheless, be sure to pick the deadbolts which are made from extra-durable constituents like steel and brass.

Look for Key Control

This is not a kind of remote control. As an alternative, key control refers to the kinds of keys that possesses built-in features preventing easy duplication even without the necessary technology, tools and techniques at one’s disposal. It is only the manufacturer who can duplicate these keys rather than any knowledgeable cat burglar as well as lock pick.

You may have to spend a few more on key control. Always remember that the benefits of these kinds of keys justifies their cost more.

Saw, Drill and Pick Resistance in Locks

Another anticipated value to search for in deadbolts is its saw-resistance. Lock can still be sawed through. Though it is only up to a certain level, said point being the internal anti-saw pins that spin back and forth with every movement of the saw blade. The result is that the burglar can saw for long time and yet have little or no progress at all in breaking the lock.

There is the anti-drill resistance found in deadlocks. Essentially, the manufacturer fits hardened steel chips on the inside part the lock which tears up the drill bits at it tries in getting through to the internal mechanisms. The burglar will end up with drill bits which are broken with little or no success on the lock itself.

Subsequently, burglars like picking open locks as well. Manufacturers on the other hand have come up with added security features like spooled driver pins as well as anti-bump springs. These added security components aid in protecting the lock cylinder from advanced picking methods.

These characteristics will mean a few more money but the higher price is proportionate to the huge number of advantages. Potential burglars will find the locks to be too tedious to break, which is absolutely good news for you as well as your family.